A Guide to Buying Quality Socks for Men

December 05, 2017

A Guide to Buying Quality Socks for Men

Socks have naturally evolved to meet the everyday and practical needs of men, and of course of women. Just as the human sweat heavily, they as well demand a cover of cloth that help absorb the sweat. The cloth will draw the sweat toward the air for it to completely evaporate.

With this sweating, the outer part of the footwear will later on get damaged. Socks really serve their best purpose and they really help extend the life of shoes. Socks have also been considered both in the past and the present as something practical to consider.

But when it comes to good socks, they should not just absorb the water but allow the distribution of perspiration to the material and to the outer surface. This way, the feet will stay dry while the sweat evaporates before the bacteria feed on it.

Below is a guide to buying quality sock for men including the qualities that need to be considered:

Sock Padding―This is a significant quality consideration to remember when choosing a sock. The sock must cushion well with the foot and must prevent the skin from rubbing against the inside of the shoes.

Sock Wicking―The socks must move the moisture exactly away from the foot and then to the sock’s exterior surface.

Slim Sock Fit―The dress shoes should fit snugly to your feet which mean to say that you should not eye for bulky and big socks. The dress socks to choose should be made from thin material and should bring comfort to your feet.

Sock Color ―Even though the most common color of socks is black; there are still a lot of options to choose from. But, still, choose the one that does not only meet your preference but bring comfort to your feet. The socks should still fit unobtrusively and neatly into your outfit for you to stand out proudly and boldly.

Sock Length― Socks have once came from the archaic name: hosiery or hose. This was during the time that exposed skin was considered as downright scandalous or unsightly. Nowadays, the tastes of people to length of socks have gone to ankle.

For formal and business dress purposes, you should choose for socks that least come midway up to the calf. If the socks reach to the lower edge of the knee, the more that it would be great. You will consider it comfortable and you will consider your choice of socks as something good.

Sock Material―In all of those qualities mentioned, always remember that the sock material still has its huge impact on the performance of a particular individual. The common base materials that need to be utilized include nylon, polyester, wool, cotton and synthetics that are trademarked.

As such, cotton is an absorbent type of material and is good to soak sweat off your skin. However, this does not move the moisture to the surface. This does not also allow the wetness to evaporate easily.

With wool type of material, it just breathes easily and it lets the wetness to completely evaporate. It also provides more warmth especially during the coldest climates or windy conditions.

Socks Fit and Size―Socks are not exactly sized just like shoes. Since brands usually vary in their sizes, the choices of sizes can range for men.

Now, you have learned more about the guide to buying quality socks for men!

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