Sock Etiquette for Men

May 08, 2018

Sock Etiquette for Men

Socks for gentlemen have one objective, and it is to give comfort zone with variety of reasons and events to wear it. It might be concealed more often than not, of course it depends on the edge of formality or casualty of the getup, however it still does not cart off the fact that this accessory is a must have for men all the time. Men wear shoes unlike women who could wear anything under the sun. It is in other form, acceptable as one of their underwear. So, it’s not only a want, but it can be categorized as their need.

Socks for men come in diverse selection. Either way, these wide selections are usually brought up from the normal routine of men, which is, men do involve at vigorous sports. It’s their athletic side. Therefore socks are made especially to complement the kind of activity there is in this sort. It is usually made to be sport specific, because they are known as performance socks or quarter socks. These types of socks allow feet to freshen in natural aspect with the help of weaves to remain the shoes dry. There are precise classification for athletic socks such as ankle socks, crew socks, hiker or hiking socks, quarter socks and wool socks.

Of course socks are not just intended for sports. There are socks made for special events or occasions and for casual days. Talking about casual sock for men, it doesn’t essentially mean to be white socks. It is safe to have darker colored socks than the color of the pants you are wearing. This sock frequently goes in three-pack casual sock that is offered in remarkable selection of multiple packs and good selection of shades or colors.

There are also men dress socks that is normally worn on special event and paired in suits. These types of socks have the features which will provide rise to cleverness to match up with dress show. Last but not the least is white sock for men. Normally this is worn in place for fashion.

Rules in Wearing Socks

  1. Don’t fold or roll socks. Apart from looking like you are stuck in the nastiest part of the 80’s, folding or rolling it around the ankle looks sloppy.
  2. Replenish socks often. Check your supply of socks in your drawer as the superiority is likely to depreciate as time goes by. Purchase new socks at once every 6 months to one year.
  3. Funky socks are just ideal to use at home. Make a fashion right in time and place. When it is not appropriate for the event, don’t wear those novelty socks with wild design or pattern.
  4. Avoid Sock with shorts. This commits error in fashion inadvertently and it violates rules of proper sock etiquette.
  5. Dress shoes need dress sock. When you decide to wear dress shoes, then ensure to fit is ideally with dress socks. These two come hand in hand, when the latter isn’t paired up with its pair.
  6. Match the socks with pants and not with the shoes. The shade of the socks must be dictated by the tone of your pants you are wearing.

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